Friday, February 3, 2012

More A2Z Brain Snacks

With the calendar out of the way, I've been slowly working my way back into some of my other projects, which went neglected at the end of last year. Here are a few new signs I made for work.

I got this idea from The Elements Vault by Theodore Gray. The book is a fancy companion piece to his book, The Elements, and includes a bunch of carefully reproduced postcards, advertisements, and letters related to the history of the periodic table. Both books are gorgeous and well worth seeking out. This image is probably the most pseudo-sciencey thing I will do for the store. I had a hard time finding information about the periodic table that everyone I know didn't learn in high school. But when I read about this concept in The Elements Vault I got excited, and I hope that means other people will, too.

This is a question that just showed up in my head one day. I did some Googling, and found that there isn't really a clear answer, but that it doesn't look like other animals have dominant hands. And no one is quite sure why. One major theory is that it has to do with language, as explained  in this io9 article on handedness by Alasdair Wilkins. But it's far from conclusive. One of my favorite things about science is the way that what seems like a simple question can lead to a million more questions, and the answers are often located far beyond what we currently know. There's so much left to discover in every direction.