Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twelve Experiments

After four and a half months that I made more difficult than they needed to be, my 2012 calendar is complete. This morning I mailed the majority of the copies printed, and a few went on sale at the A2Z Science & Learning Store. It feels pretty amazing to have my work on a store shelf, even if it is a single store and it's only on the shelf because the owners are excellent people.


So far the reception has been great, and even a few strangers have liked it! It's arranged in a little display at the checkout counter at A2Z, and I was woefully unprepared for the recurring anxiety of watching customers look at it with no idea that the person who made it was watching them at that moment. By the end of the day I made a point to go do something else when I saw someone checking it out. Nothing makes me question the entire foundation of my life like watching someone flip joylessly through the first three pages of something I made and set it back down like the latest issue of Us Weekly.

The day isn't yet over, but all of my copies from the first run have been sold or reserved. If you want one but didn't get one, let me know and I'll put your name down for the second run. If I get enough requests, I'll try to have a second printing next week or the beginning of January. Price is a sliding scale from $15-$20, plus $2.39 for postage.
Next up: No more projects ever.