Monday, May 21, 2012

Work Cartoons

Sometimes funny things happen at work, and sometimes it is slow and I can make quick sketches of them.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Here Comes Something

Since I sold the last copy of 12 Experiments, all the money I made from it has been sitting in a special bank account. I could have used it on any number of things, but I haven't because it feels like special money. It's money I made with magic. I did something I wanted to do, and somehow at the end there was money that wasn't there before. I still have trouble articulating how strange and wonderful that feels. It may be superstition, but I am afraid to touch it.

The idea has been to invest it in my next project, whatever that might be. I've been circling a few new projects for a while now, and a few nights ago I finally took a step. I ordered all the supplies I'll need for the Next Thing. It didn't spend a ton, but it was more money than I spend lightly.

I started raising money for Twelve Experiments two days after I had the idea. As stressful as it was at times, the knowledge that people I loved had contributed real money to this thing and were expecting something in return was essential. It got me working right away and kept me working through the many rough patches.

This isn't quite the same. This time the investment (at least at so far) is my own money. But it is special magic money I somehow pulled out of the ether, and maybe that will be enough to scare me into committing to this project. I hope it is, because I expect this to take longer and have more rough patches than the calendar. It also has the potential to be way more satisfying. And I know it's a good idea because I am just as terrified of it as I am excited.

I'm not ready to talk about details yet, as it's still in that fragile state where someone blinking too many times during the pitch could convince me that it's a terrible idea. I'll be more forthcoming as the project gets its legs. Until then, please feel sufficiently teased by this picture of some sketches and a maquette I did in preparation.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pill Bugs

When I was a kid I loved pill bugs*, and this week my fascination with them was reawakened when I learned this fact about them. Since then I have talked about them so much that all my coworkers probably think there is something wrong with me. Wooo pill bugs!

*Known in some circles as roly-polies