Sunday, March 30, 2014

So much, so many things

Oh my goodness! News! New (published) illustrations!

"'Great' Alternatives to Paid Sick Days", My first illustration project for Moms Rising, is live! Here's my favorite one:

You can see the rest on the Buzzfeed community page they made for the series. Moms Rising is an awesome nonprofit doing important work, and I'm honored to have been involved in their efforts. The series was also featured on Fast Company, and I'm still trying to get my jaw off the floor.

Earlier this month I also illustrated a humor piece by Molly Taft at the Bygone Bureau. The article is called "My Family Eats Paleo: An Activity Book for Kids". Go see! I really enjoyed taking a step away from my usual style and trying to imitate the look of a coloring book. Molly: If you want to make this an actual activity book, we should talk.

Finally, I have set up an online portfolio. Check it out, and commission my services, at